Episode 1 Summer in the Windy City

Sorry about having to cut this into two parts, the file was too big.

The highlight video is what I made my sophomore year in college after Coach Brown asked if he could see some plays, and if I could handle a little pressure.

I’m #41 in the clips.

Part 1

Part 2


3 Responses to “Episode 1 Summer in the Windy City”

  1. Scott E. Glaser Says:


    Nice job on the blog. Will make others aware of your efforts with St. Baldricks. Talked to your Dad a few days ago and hope you and your family have a nice Easter. Loved the wrestling clips, reminds me of how much I enjoyed it when Max was grappling.

    Dr. Glaser

  2. Jim Harrington Says:

    Mike – I am enjoying the blog, awesome funk move at 2:50 of part 2 of this episode! Good luck with the St. Baldrick’s fundraising. – Jim

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